Slo Party Rentals

Mason Jars---------------.52 each 

Jelly Jars-------------------.52 each 

Champagne Flutes -----------------.62 each 

Red Wine 18 oz. Wine ------------.75 each 

Regular Wine Glass ----------------.65 each 

Regular Water Goblet-------------.52 each 

We are always getting new product in please Ask for Something if you don't see it Let us know.

We will be getting Gold Rim Water Goblets, and Champagne Glasses in. 

Regular Wine Glasses---------------.65 each 

Champagne Flutes-------------------.62 each 

Beer Pilsner Glasses-----------------.52 each 

Stemless Wine Glasses-------------.65 each 

On The Rocks Glasses --------------.52 each 

Highball Glasses----------------------.52 each 

Gold Rim Wine Glasses @ 2.00 each